The Battle For Bricks Just Got Bigger

Lego Star Wars was an absolute treat to work on. The objectives were twofold. First, to convey the humor and lightheartedness inherent in the franchise. It's the lighter side of Star Wars. And two, to show how this was the biggest, grandest and epicest Lego Star Wars yet. And yes, I know that "epicest" is not a word.


The new Lego Star Wars was gonna have a much bigger platform to play on compared to the previous games. We got to showcase that here in this spot and keep it silly. 

The Build Off

There's a guy out there that made all these awesome stop motion Star Wars Lego videos and put them on YouTube. We thought, why don't we pay this guy and give him a bunch of Star Wars Lego pieces to stop motion animate one of our ideas for this new game coming out. Everything came together in the end.