Apple ASMR

Apple has one of the most subscribed brand channels on YouTube. We wanted to start creating content that really connected with the massive primary audience of YouTube. And that audience certainly has a wide range of interests and passions that they go to YouTube for. One of the top communities on YouTube is ASMR. People use it to calm their anxieties and experience soothing “tingles” on demand. A lot of this content is purposeful but none of it looked high in production value. So what if we could combine their passions along with ours and show how we can help contribute to the YouTube community and elevate ASMR. By combining iPhone’s powerful capabilities with ASMR’s relaxing effects, we introduced Apple ASMR to the world.

Apple ASMR - Satisfying woodshop sounds
Apple ASMR - Crunching sounds on the trail
Apple ASMR - A calm rain at camp